Always Be thankfulĀ 

Today I felt like sharing my story,

I don’t need to wait on the thanksgiving day to be thankful 

I thanks the Almighty God for being with me in my daily life. Since 2002 I started having back pain; I was feeling uncomfortable and a lot of pain.

I could not stand or seat for a long time due to the spine pain. In 2006 I decided to get consulted by a spine surgeon at King Faical the most known hospital in Kigali and I was surprised to hear that I had no problem.  

In 2014, last year I decided to get a proper doctor, I went to Apollo hospital chennai(India) the best hospital; I have to mention this, because after I got my X-ray results I found that I have a spine deformation commonly know as scoliosis. I was shocked. 


My X-ray reports 

The scoliosis has no define cause. I did so many research ever since and I found out. so many people have this condition and might not know it. You might be having several back pain and think you might be tired or you had a bad night sleep, I advise you to get an X-ray exam before it’s too late. 

I am very lucky and I thanks God for protecting me everyday even if sometimes I spent two days not being able to sleep cause of the pain but I thank God for being with me all this years.

The doctor suggested 

– every 2 months check up.

– sports and yoga 

I am so lucky he did not say anything about wearing high heels shoes for those who know me I am addicted to high heels but I have reduces the time I spent wearing them. šŸ˜…šŸ˜œ

Yoga has been so helpful it’s been 6 months now I have a great yogi teacher, she is aware of my problem and helps me everyday. The pain has reduced from 100% to 50%.

And then there is another solution which is surgery, I have refused it  because some risks inherent in spinal fusion surgery such as:

  1. Excessive bleeding.
  2. Failure to heal 
  3. Infection 
  4. Pain
  5. Nerves damage….

I always pray to God to help me in my daily life and I believe in miracles. And I have faith that one day everything will be fine. 

That’s my story I felt like sharing it to help other who might have back pain, we all know that in African family when you say you have a back pain they don’t get it. They ask questions like:

  1. how a young person get back pain?
  2. Are you making this up? The list can go on …

My mom could not understand it she could find me in my bedroom carrying a big rock on my back or my little brother seated on my back which is so dangerous but it was helpful at the time. 

I just hope I will motivate and change lives of some of you. 


What matters

What matters is not how far you are is how you worked to get where you are.
People care a lot on what others think about them and that’s when problems start.
We underestimate ourselves and we become blind of our own self;
we can’t see what we are capable of.

we can’t achieve more; if we are still considering and give a lot of attention on what others think.
I am saying all of this based on a true story; I had a dream and now I couldn’t achieve it; because I cared a lot on what people will think and not what I thought so …. And now That i have realized it; I want to catch up with myself.

Whatever it is; it’s not late you can dream big and achieve even beyond your expectation.

I know probably some of you are still hiding yourself and afraid of comments but I am telling you this I was afraid of comments living my life based on what people will think and caring a lot about it. I was living my life based on that; but now it doesn’t matter Anymore I left all the bad comments affecting my dream behind my shoulders and now am so happy than ever.

I activated deaf mood; I don’t listen to words like:

* who are you to think so?

* what do you have to think you can do it?

* oh, now you think you are intelligent and clever…

* okay; be my guest but don’t come crying after..

The list is long I can go on and on
But once you say “NO” to bad comments you can do it and that’s the spirt; the motivation needed and later soon those who were bringing you down will calm down and wish they could be where you are.

Thank you.

Sweet home

sweet home; how many of you spend an entire day outside your home place probably went out to school or work? many i guess. what is the feeling you get when you get home safe ? so happy because your home; a place where you feel safe and secure and free to do anything you want.

I always wondered why people outside their countries keep posting on Facebook or Twitter or any social media by saying “oh i miss my sweet home country !”,
I am a pessimist i never understood that fact of writing that.
the day i was at the airport giving my last hug to my mum and friends; i started having tears in my eyes i was happy and sad at the same time because i knew i was going to start a new life and i had to make sure i will make them proud with one goal to achieve the main purpose of being here.

Once i reached this place i started facing new movements and i started to realize now the real meaning of the word SWEET HOME. as i am here i face so many challenges and it was so complicated to get use too the system of studies; living life here with mixed cultures… and sometime i felt lost and wanted to take a flight back home because i missed the care and people who mean a lot to me.

they say every house is not a home so true i can’t argue that one, I am here but the love and care you get when your home i really miss that i realized it when i came for my first vacation the time i set my feet on the ground of Rwanda i felt joy and so happy that my heart was going to explode; i really felt the meaning of SWEET HOME.

people keep saying i can’t wait to get out of here and go somewhere else but I am telling you this nothing will ever replace the love you get when you are home and the care you get.

First impression

First impression what is it actually? as i keep thinking about it; something we face everyday as our brain meet new perspectives in our daily life.
something which can change our physical appearance and how people we meet will take us and will judge us.
so many people don’t consider that highly effect that the first impression you give can change your life and manipulate your mind and the way of behaving as I am writing my first Blog of how first impression can change your life; my mind immediately flashes back when i was joining my first welcoming meeting at the University I am doing my studies; the first thing i noticed the fact that I am in a country where the culture and the believe of the community I am in; is totally different of where I am from. That day really touched my mind and the way i was dressed not attractive; just casual outfit .so many that day have judged a lot of how i was looking and till now the way they have judged me based on that first impression i gave them that first day is still manipulating their mind as i know i was calm and everything was new with me i was fighting to make myself comfortable with that new life i was about to start; my culture mixed with Indian culture.
Know how to manage yourself at your first job interview, first day at work, at school, dinner date am not saying to play double personality but to just be yourself without giving bad first impression.
First impression changes everything, no matter what we do to improve ourselves first impression will always define us.
At work, at school anywhere,we have to meet with so many people always remember to show and control yourself.

24 hours

24 hours just 1… 2… 3 till 24 hours a day; I am not learning how to count hours some may think so; and am not going to tell you a story either but something to think about and after the choice is yours.
One day in class managerial communication my faculity just asked a question: “how do you manage the 24 hours you have everyday?” And asked us to take down a paper and write down how we use all the 24 hours we have.
I started counting hours and hours ended up finding nothing all the hours that I have I don’t even use all of them and prefer to spend the rest of the free time thinking the only best enemy “BED”
We always have time but we don’t know how to use it and yet we claim by saying I didin’t do this or that because I didn’t get time for it
We use that excuse I don’t know if I can call so or maybe a lie but everybody say so including me.
We have time but we never use just that time to take care for those who means a lot to us; for those who care for us; for our ambition; our dreams…

I divide the 24 hours that I have and 5 hours was remaining now that I started I new blog let’s say 4 hours remaining but this doesn’t change anything; some people wish they could just get that time and do something productive but never get that chance. Still I know that I was given those 24 hours everyday to do something productive not just spending it thinking how to get back into my BED. I failed my assignment

You are reading this post and you are thinking what exactly do you do with your 24 hours???
Time to realize it and plan for your 24 hours.

That part of me that will never forget;
Life was perfect;
Living in the shadow of my own sadness; being all alone was the best I had;
I didn’t care at all of what the future holds neither what a day will bring.
Life was perfect in my own way.
One day i met you; you came into my life as a surprise I never imagined it would go So far;
You showed me the light; and opened my eyes to see what the shadow of my sadness was hiding from me;
You made me feel like I can live again; you showed me a new life I have never experienced in my life.
I started to feel loving life again
I became thirsty of knowing more and more about the life i was starting to live.
I couldn’t imagine things will ever go apart.
But only I realized it was that amazing sweet dream.

That part of me